90 Jobs Sustained in the Manufacturing Foundry







150 Hooper St
San Francisco, CA 94107


Unit 101

Swope Design Solutions

Swope Design Solutions (SDS) is a mechanical engineering and product design firm that specializes in medical devices, consumer products, and robotics. SDS started in 2006 and has grown to 8 employees today, with expertise in all areas of a product life cycle, from initial concept generation to high-volume production. In addition to consulting and prototyping services, SDS also makes a few CNC-machined products that are sold online and through brick and mortar stores.

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Unit 102

Advanced Prototype Engineering

A design and engineering firm specializing in the development of mechanical and mechatronic prototypes, product design and testing facility setup, and education and training for those facilities. They provide the creativity and technical expertise to turn innovative concepts into fully designed working models, fully functioning R&D facilities, and trained staff. 

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Unit 212


Linamar is a multinational vehicle OEM specializing in powertrain systems. Their San Francisco team designs, tests, and manufactures conformable hydrogen tanks for the automobile and industrial markets.

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Unit 310


Dawson Custom Workroom is a wholesale manufacturing company catering to the interior design trade for residential and commercial projects. Products include but are not limited to custom draperies, roman shades, pillows, bedding, lambrequins, light upholstery and top treatments.

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Unit 312


Yorkland Productions is a full-service apparel product development studio, helping designers every step of the way from ideation to production, always with design for manufacturability in mind. Their clients come in with a sketch of a garment and they bring it to life! Besides clothing that is the most common, they have also helped design curtains, bedsheets, tote bags, baby changing pads, aprons, etc.

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Unit 312


Joshu+Vela manufactures quality, minimal bags and accessories made from canvas and leather, with a focus on design, durability and timelessness. Quality products that last a lifetime.

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Unit 400


Humanmade is much more than your average makerspace. It’s San Francisco’s first Advanced Manufacturing Training center with a mission around workforce development. It also houses San Francisco’s most extensive open-access Design, Fabrication, and Prototyping Facility, with a shop of more than 13,500 square feet, housing a full woodshop, metal/hot shop, laser cutting lab, 3D printing lab, textile lab, electronics lab, and all the industry-standard design software than you can dream of. Humanmade is a place where anyone can come to learn and master new skills while also gaining access to the tools of innovation.

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Unit 7161

Seven Stills

Seven Stills is a brewery and distillery that specializes in making whiskeys distilled from great craft beers. The company was co-founded in 2013 by two friends, Tim & Clint, and now counts 65 people with a wide expertise. In addition to being part of the 150 Hooper community, Seven Stills recently moved to a new flagship location across the plaza at 100 Hooper Street, a 18,500 square feet space housing the distillery and brewery as well as a full bar and restaurant — make sure to pay them a visit!

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